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"Barbara has been more than just the co-writer of our film. But someone who feels what she's involved in. She is so creative, a true ally, and a friend...

—  Dru Holley. Director

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Barbara has been more than just the co-writer of our film. But someone who feels what she's involved in. She is so creative, a true ally, and a friend. I recommend Barbara for any position, I myself will surely love to work with her again.

Dru Holley, Director: Buffalo Soldiers, Black Bald Films

The creative process can be quite intense but with Barbara, it is the opposite. Barbara is pleasant, diplomatic in her approach during story meetings, and explains her thoughts succinctly. When there is a conflict, Barbara steps back to re-evaluate to come up with suggestions to resolve the issues. Barbara does not waver in her devotion to the project, she is all in and then some!


Debra M. Simon, Producer: Buffalo Soldiers, Hacking Your Mind, PBS


I have known Barbara for the better part of two decades and have worked with... on a two-hour TV documentary we did together for Turner Broadcasting Systems.  I was the executive producer. Barbara’s work was arguably the best part of the entire program, as her excellent creative sense of visual storytelling, combined with her warm & level-headed management of people and resources, resulted in stellar work making up the core of our documentary.  I immediately became a fan….


JJ Jamieson, Writer/Producer

I met Barbara as a mid-career woman from Jamaica who looked more like a young adult, Barbara treated me with respect, expected only the best, and gave only her best. Her constructive advice empowered and humbled without overpowering my voice as a director. She believed in my work and voice as a director, and advocated on my behalf, even to this day. She has consulted on all of my projects and her guidance as an experienced and Emmy-winning documentary director and writer has strengthened my work and has given me the courage to trust myself and what I have to offer to the world as an emerging filmmaker.


Sasha-Gay Lewis, Director/Producer/Writer


Barbara is an incredible mentor/consultant! She was dependable, consistent and always ready to listen with empathy to my desires, questions, problems or concerns. I believe receiving honest feedback is extremely important if you truly want to grow and Barbara does this in a very respectful way. Not only does she possess wisdom and knowledge gained through years of experience, but she also has  an enthusiasm and sincere desire to share her knowledge and help you excel in accomplishing your goals.

Ashley Harris, Writer/Director/Producer

Barbara Multer-Wellin is smart, funny, kind, and works tirelessly... a detail oriented producer and writer. She is that producer who always has a strong game plan and when it changes on a dime, Barbara adapts brilliantly never looking back on what could have been. That is a sign of a true producer. Her interview skills, management experience, as well as her writing ability were the main reasons she was  constantly tapped to work on a variety of shows.

Eric Schotz, President/Owner: Anvil 1893


I have known Barbara and worked extensively with her over the past four years. She is currently co-producing the documentary ORCHESTRATING CHANGE. This documentary follows the work of my organization, Me2/Orchestra, the world’s only classical music organization created for musicians living with mental illnesses. Barbara has spent hundreds of hours in Burlington, VT and Boston, MA interviewing musicians in our orchestras who live with mental health issues. These are people who have illnesses including bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. As you may imagine, I would not trust just any filmmaker to capture the stories of my friends and colleagues in the orchestras. Barbara immediately set my mind at ease as I watched her interact with these musicians. She was supportive and empathetic throughout the process, making everyone feel comfortable and empowered. Barbara has an innate sense of everyone’s potential and her warmth and kindness allowed her to capture everyone’s best side.

Caroline Whiddon, Executive Director: Me2/Orchestra

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